Dr. RK Eric Silan

As we celebrate our 18th year in the Malaysian lift industry, I feel so compelled to recognize all of the factors that have contributed to our success, such as the undivided attention and complete solutions we always deliver to each of our clients.

Previously, elevator manufacturers or members of their corporate groups performed maintenance services for elevators that they had manufactured. However, over time, the present corporate tendency has shifted toward cost-cutting strategies and client concerns over “TURN AROUND TIME.”

High-level technical competence and the capacity to obtain authentic manufacturer components are among our  advantages. We offer high-quality services at an afforable cost. We, RK Lift & Escalator Sdn Bhd, are a Malaysian-owned and operated elevator maintenance company that maintains all major manufacturers’ elevators.

In Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, the market for elevator maintenance and modernisation is constantly growing year after year. In the Malaysian market, RK has earned a reputation for it’s technical competence and the quality of its services. We want to achieve rapid development by providing excellent service to all our prospective clients.

The prospect of global economic and commercial  developments has provided us with an additional incentive to maintain our high level of efficiency when it comes to our clients’ demands and to maintain our focus on offering high-end products and services.

We are proud to announce RK Elevator Sdn Bhd is now wholly owned by RK Lift & Escalator Sdn Bhd. This transfer has strenghtens our overall positions especially on financial and operation services. We will continue our utmost professional services to all our existing and new clients ahead.

“We Lift You To Next Level”