We are an established elevator company in Malaysia as a step up in vertical integration premised on safety, quality and cost. The dawn of the new century brought about a lot to look forward as RK Lift & Escalator strives in it’s pursuit of delivering a quality product maximizing customer satisfaction in every possible way.

RK LIFT & ESCALATOR lauds itself as the leading organization in the field with 100 imported product from our principal, such as new complete sets of elevator, escalator and spare parts. We have our own Gallery at Wisma RK, Sierra 16 Puchong HQ for client view the basics of elevator parts, door system and test lift.

We have vast experience in the area of supplying, installing, testing, commissioning, servicing and maintaining lifts, escalators and dumbwaiters. We are the exclusive sole agent in Malaysia for KLEEMANN Elevator, Escalator and Moving Walk.

We believe, a Positive Approach and Teamwork helps us to get best solution at its edge. RK Lift & Escalator stands for quality and safety. We never compromise on these two most important factors and that helps us to move forward with total customer satisfaction.

The main activates of the company are as follow

New Elevator Installation
Modernization Of New Lift Controller
Spare Parts Supply (All Brands)


We believe that science and technology should be used to improve the quality of life.

Our vision is to be a leading elevator company on an international scale and to become a significant global player by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in our field.

Being a local elevator and escalator maintainer and system spare part provider, we believe in providing the best quality preventive maintenance,  equipment down time reasonable maintenance chargers and most of all the peace of mind for our customer. We will inspire our customers’ total confidence through exceptional service that earns us 100 percent of their trust.

We are dedicated to fulfilling our customer’s needs by applying our knowledge of friction management and power transmission to deliver unparalleled value and innovation all around the globe.


Our Strength

We believe that our customers come first so all our members of staff share the responsibility for ensuring that we provide a quality service. Managers demonstrate their commitment to quality by personal example and we deliver services that comfortable for customer requirements. Our quality management is implemented in a systematic and planned way and we continue to review the quality management system and objectives on and on-going basis.

We believe the most valuable assets of RK Lift & Escalator Company are their employees. A highly qualified team of engineers and technicians, supported by a robust and modern IT infrastructure form the backbone of our company. They continually ensure the brand of quality RK Lift & Escalator is known for. Our highly competent project management capabilities are a result of our tradition of anticipating and fulfilling specific customer requirements.

RK Lift & Escalator Company believes in inclusive growth. As the company grows, its employees grow with it towards a better future. The Principal’s combined experiences in the lift sector for over 10 years. They have a proven track record of managing strong, performing lift companies. As a team, they were instrumental to the development and growth of Company and Lift service provider.

Our Objective

RK Lift & Escalator has a wide range of service offerings that are designed to satisfy our customers specific needs. Whether you have an existing RK Lift & Escalator product or a product not supplied by RK Lift & Escalator, our team of professionals is willing to assist.


RK Lift & Escalator always concern about passenger safety. We would ensure the lift and escalator function properly and safely without breakdown.


We will install high quality lift, escalator and dumbwaiter as complied with code of practice EN 81 and EN 115 as per requested by Malaysian Government (JKKP)


We are supplying good material, exact operation, reliable use, take care of the staff, contribute to the society, serve our clients and develop ourselves by modern technologies and the trustworthy product quality.


RK Lift & Escalator has a dedicated maintenance department to over see the maintenance activities of the units installed by RK Lift & Escalator as well as those units that we have not installed but still require reliable service providers. The responsibility of maintaining the unit in accordance with the JKKP approval on the signing of a maintenance agreement.