What is elevator modernization?

Elevator modernization, sometimes called elevator lift replacement, refers to the Complete upgrading of an elevator’s critical mechanical equipment. Most commonly This means installing or retrofitting new equipment throughout the elevator. Heavily impacted parts of the elevator include the controller equipment, hoist Machinery, electrical components, and motors. Modernization does not require an Aesthetic makeover. It is possible to modernize an elevator without changing its Appearance.

Why is elevator modernization important?

Elevator modernization is important to ensure the safety of your passengers. Beyond That, modernizing your elevators will make them faster, more efficient, and allow Them to integrate with modern technology. This is especially important for “smart” Building automation systems. Modernization is also a great way to give your elevators An aesthetic facelift.

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Scope of Work


Modernization Concept

AC VVVF inverter

Alternating Current, Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency (acvvvf)
Major Component to Replace


Combined Controller Cabinets

Main Characteristic

RK – IDRV intergrative elevator controller, use high performance 32 digit of ARM7 CPU, and HITACHI specialized inverter chip, suitable for three phase AC asynchrous motor and synchrous PM motor. Its frindly operation panel and simplest application with directedly stop and precision leveling, with a smooth curve, make the passenger feel comfort during the lift running. A good hardware assembling with a simple construction, make the control panel small in size, is the best choise of room-less and traditional elevators.

  • Rate Speed : < 4m/s
  • Rate Power : 5.5 – 45KW
  • Voltage : 360V-480V 50/60HZ
  • Group Control : < 8 units Group
  • Support Floor : 64 Floors
  • Lift Type : Passenger, Cargo, Bed lift, Home lift & Panoramic lift.
  • Support Area monitor and long-distance remote.

VVVF Door Operator

Technical Data

  • Use advance VVVF door operator, speed of opening/closing door can be adjusted freely, door system is design cleverly. Which performance is smooth, quiet.
  • New Drive system featuring a new door control based on Micro Processor
    programmed speed and position control.
  • Addition 4 pieces of door speed controller sensor.
  • Fixing on different car types : in car door header, door front, on car roof.
  • With/without car door interlock acc. To EN81.

Sample Of New Lift Fixtures

Before Modernization

After Modernization

It’s Benefits for You, Your Neighbour and Your Management

Advantages of Modernization


Brings a World of Benefits including:

Modernization Projects

Full Modernization with traction machine & Controller. Complete designed by Dr. RK Eric Silan

Home Lift installation in progress at Bangi ( Dr. Khairul ) High Quality MRL Home lift