New Instalation

RK Lift & Escalator specializes in the installation of new elevators with our own brand especially in unique or custom conditions for Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Home Solutions, Industrial Buildings, Hotel, Hospitals & more.

Repair & Maintenance

From the bad to the toughest elevator problems, we are here to take in detail about your structure and provide the necessary repair and maintenance that it needs. We have provided solutions for many repair needs on time and best customer satisfaction.


We offer highly customized service agreements created specifically for your needs. It is important that every aspect of your model is taken into detail so we can come up with the most cost-efficient, reliable, and dependable solution.

Welcome to RK Lift & Escalator Sdn. Bhd.

We are an established elevator company in Malaysia as a step up in vertical integration premised on safety, quality and cost. The dawn of the new century brought about a lot to look forward as RK Lift & Escalator strives in it’s pursuit of delivering a quality product maximizing customer satisfaction in every possible way.

New Lift / Escalator Installation

Sightseeing Elevator

Observation elevator shaft and the car wall are at least transparent on the same side, and passengers can watch the observation elevators of the car’s outer scene.

Passenger Elevator

They are designed with the upper and the lower machine room for an installation in the dwelling houses, administrative and residential buildings, hotels, banks and offices.

Goods Elevator

Goods Elevator are elevators that are suitable for transporting heavy goods from one store to another. The goods lifts that we offer has the capacity that ranges from 100kg to 5000kg.

Licenses & Certificates